About peakward

About Peakward

Peakward Enterprises (Holdings) Ltd. as parent company of Peakward Group was incorporated in 1990 in Hong Kong to conduct international trading business with an initial focus on dry bulk commodity like Cement & Fertilizer. The group started its operation with exporting Chinese and Indonesian bagged cement to Bangladesh where it occupied 30% market share. Gradually sourcing was expanded to Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Oman, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE and Egypt. At present Peakward has over 25 years of experience in international trading and has offices in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Turkey, UAE and Bangladesh. With these offices, and the wide range of associates and contacts the group has today expanded its operation many folds and achieved sales of more than 10 million tons of various commodities. So far the group sold and delivered various cargo to Bangladesh, India, Srilanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, Ecuador, Yemen, Qatar, UAE, Egypt and Turkey.

The Group handles various products like Cement (Bagged & Bulk), Clinker, GBF Slag, Gypsum (Natural & Chemical), Lime Stone, Natural Pozzolona, Fly Ash, Stone & Aggregates, Iron Ore, Steam Coal & Other Bulk Commodities. It also handled shipment of Fertilizer, Rock Phosphate, Chemicals, Food Grain, Paper, Hard Coke, Machineries and etc.

A firm grip on vessel unloading logistics is the key element of doing successful large volume business. Our group has specific strength in this area. Over the years Peakward has introduced many innovative ideas to ensure speedy unloading of vessels. Teaming up with local partners Peakward also has developed capability of local delivery and has supplied various cargo up to buyer’s Factory or Storage. In the process we controlled the high-speed unloading from the mother vessel to reduce freight and improve profitability of business. By controlling vital logistics, we can reduce risk and costs and improve profitability.

For over 25 Years, Peakward has established its name in various markets in terms of quality product, customer satisfaction and excellence, not only in trading but also in Shipping. We ensure timely delivery and competitive prices to our customers and move bulk cargo in our own chartered vessels under our subsidiary Shipping company which have worldwide network of owners/charterers.

Peakward’s Shipping company charters vessels from direct owners on Time or Voyage basis and ensure competitive freight on various vessels including Handymax, Panamax, Supramax, & Capesize. Being strong in shipping makes Peakward a reliable supplier for short & long term contracts. Where fixed price is guaranteed for long term quantities and hence buyer have the benefit of timely consistent supply at stable price.