Blast Furnace Slag


Blast-furnace slag, a by-product of iron and steel industry, is mixed with cement for use as a cement alternative additives. It is an eco-friendly product, which enables reduced energy use and CO2 emissions in its production process by around 40%* as compared to producing concrete from cement only, in addition to saving natural resources such as cement raw materials and limestone. Iron and steel manufacturers produce high-quality iron and steel with blast furnaces and a certain volume of blast-furnace slag as by product is generated in the process. BFS is used to make durable concrete structures in combination with ordinary Portland cement and/or other pozzolanic materials. 

Over 15 years ago, Peakward started to export blast-furnace slag in international construction market. We have now expanded our operation to more than ten countries. Our slag is used mainly for producing Slag cement and ready-mix concrete. We can supply GGBFS & GBFS from various countries including Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, India etc. The BF Slag supplied by us have almost 90%-96% Glass content and soft to grind. GBFS is supplied in bulk while GGBFS is supplied both in big bags and in bulk . 


  • From 1990 Peakward began its operation with exporting Chinese and Indonesian bagged Cement to Bangladesh where it occupied 30% market share of Cement.
  • Peakward was a listed Cement supplier for UNICEF and supplied Cement to UNICEF projects in Bangladesh and Vietnam.
  • Peakward was the first company to supply Indonesian bulk and bagged Cement to Egypt in 1998/1999.
  • Peakward delivered bulk Cement to 4M floating Terminal of Mr. Mansour in Alexandria and supplied bulk cement to HC Trading for floating terminal in Damietta.

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