Since inception Peakward group has focused in Cement / Clinker as its main Business. Peakward group now is a one of the market leader in supplying Clinker to South Asia and Gulf region. Our clinker is known for premium quality and reliability which ensure maximum value to all clients. Our Clinker is inspected and tested at load port by independent and internationally recognized inspection agencies such as SGS, Intertek and other reputed inspection company. Our Cement material expert assist our customer to identify the specific product to their needs and/or to local/International standard requirements. Peakward developed close relationship with major Cement Clinker producers in the world to trade and supply millions tons of cement and clinker over the years. We ship the clinker in our own chartered vessel for timely delivery at competitive prices. We can ship clinker in Handysize, handymax, Panamax, Supramax & Capesize vessels. We have huge amount of clinker available from various factories worldwide, based on spot and long term contractual requirement. We are exploring new market avenues for our branded cement, bulk cement and clinker in whole world markets.


  • Yearly supplying close to million tons of Clinker to Bangladesh market originated from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Persian Gulf.
  • Peakward has supplied close to three million tons of clinker to National Cement Co. of Dubai, Sharjah Cement Co of Sharjah, UAE, Qatar National Cement Co of Qatar and Farz & Khuzestan Cement Co., the biggest cement group of Gulf region.
  • In the year 2000 Peakward supplied 500,000 MTs of Clinker to HC Trading.
  • Peakward has extensive relationship with large Cement group of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt and Persian-Gulf. 

Peakward Group has availability to supply of Grey, White and Special Clinker conforming to EN and ASTM standard specifications. Peakward Trade & supply various kinds of clinker suitable for manufacturing cement according to ASTM, BS and European Standard. Our products are acceptable by world-class cement manufacturers. Based on our long experience in international trading, we provide you excellent services and punctual logistic.