Construction Stone

Peakward Group, one of the leading Gabbro Aggregate supplier of Asian region. Now Peakward is focusing on Crushed Stone / Aggregates as one of the core business and committed to offer high quality crushed aggregate / stone to the construction industry.

Also Peakward offer a wide range of products such as rock armour for use in land reclamation projects, all sizes of aggregate for use in the production of ready mixed concrete and asphalt down to road base and infill materials.

Peakward has the capability to supply different sizes of aggregates, rocks and rock armour as per specific specifications and quantity requirements.

Construction Aggregate sizes are as follows.

  • Gabbro (Sand) 0-5 mm
  • Gabbro 5-10 mm
  • Gabbro 10-20 mm
  • Gabbro 20-30 mm
  • Gabbro 20-40 mm
  • All Sizes of Rock and Rock Armour


  • Supplying high grade Gabbro Aggregates to construction project and ready-mix plant in Bangladesh.

Oman, Vietnam, China, Malaysia or Seller’s/Buyer’s Choice.

Packing can be arranged based on:

1. Bulk in vessels. All shipment compartments will be sealed and waterproofed on board vessels.