An exchange of goods or services across global jurisdictions. Inbound trade is defined as imports and outbound trade is defined as exports. Subject to the regulatory oversight and taxation of the involved nations, namely through customs.Peakward’s Trading arm focuses mainly on commodities such as Cement, Clinker, Gypsum (Natural & Chemical, Limestone, BF Slag, Pozzolana (Volcanic ash), Stone & Aggregates, Fly Ash, Coal, Fertilizer and iron ore that are essential in supporting global rapid growth.

Peakward’s success has been strongly influenced by 25 years experience and expertise in Cement raw materials and other bulk commodities trading from a Local, Regional and International perspective on both the Import and Export sides. Peakward have developed extensive experience within the Cement and Concrete industries in Middle-East, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and have unique access to a wide range of international resources. Taking advantage of its wide trading activities in many countries Peakward time to time handled other commodities like Fertilizer, Steel, Food Grain,Sugar, Oil Seeds, Soda Ash, Newsprint paper etc.

Peakward’s global trading operation is one of the largest and most widely recognized in the industry. It is supported by a worldwide network of strategically located sea port and strong relationships with reliable manufacturers, suppliers/shippers around the world.